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 Book Recommendations

Two of our favorite book stores in the city are Green Apple Books for English books, and Libreria Pino for books in Italian. We love to support local small businesses and hope you will too. We also partner with them to host two book fairs each year, at the start of the semester. Stay tuned for our Spring Semester book fair!
We have compiled some recommendations from our own La Scuola teachers and staff, with the links below. 

How it works 

Go to the bookstore websites below by clicking on the logos below.
Libreria Pino
To find Italian books at Libreria Pino, please use the above link and add "La Scuola" to give La Scuola 10% back
To find books of all sorts at Green Apple Books, please use the above link.

Book Recommendations

La Scuola Teacher Book Recommendations by Grade:
Piccoli  |  Grandi  |  Grandissimi  |  Kindergarten  |  1st Grade  |  2nd Grade  |  3rd/4th Grade  |  5th Grade  |  6th Grade  |  7th Grade  |  8th Grade

Monetary and Book Donations

Donations will go towards fulfilling teacher and library book wishlists with an emphasis on increasing diversity and representation in La Scuola's reading materials.